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Train to become a CASA.  Train to become a CEVC Observer.  Learn how to help our bottom line.  Whatever you are good at, we'll put it to use!


Role of a CASA Volunteer


A CASA Volunteer must be at least 21 years-old

  • Investigation:  CASA volunteers carry out an objective, systematic examination of the situation, environment, relationships, and needs of their CASA child

  • Facilitation:  CASA volunteers help to create a situation in which their CASA child's needs can be met by identifying and facilitating resources and services for the child, and encouraging a collaborative relationship between all parties on the case.

  • Monitoring:  CASA volunteers keep track of whether the orders of the court, as well as the plans of the child protective services agency, are carried out and report to the court or collaborate with child protective services when those orders and plans are not followed by any of the parties.

  • Advocacy:  CASA volunteers speak up for and plead the case of the child for whom they are appointed

Role of a CEVC Visitation Observer Volunteer


A CEVC Visitation Observer Volunteer must be at least 18 years-old

  • Maintain confidentiality and neutrality

  • Ensure that the court's directives are followed

  • Monitor safety of all participants during visits

  • Relay relevant information relating to the child's welfare between the custodial parent and the non-custodial parent at the commencement and conclusion of supervised contact (i.g. special needs, medication, diet, etc.)

  • Facilitate appropriate visit interaction

  • Effectively communicate with program staff on issues related to family dynamics

  • Provide constructive feedback, correction, or redirection to the parties when necessary

  • Suspend or terminate any visit in which the safety of participants or staff cannot be maintained

  • Keep written records of facts observed at visits for formal program forms

  • Testify in court hearing (when/if subpoena is issued)

Role of an Inner-Agency Volunteer


An Inner-Agency Volunteer must possess a strong work ethic, the ability to work on one's own, and the passion for helping our agency do more for the children we serve.

We are looking for volunteers who have experience and/or expertise in:

  • HR 

  • Finance

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Event Planning


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