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The mission of the Sunflower CASA Project, Inc. shall be to make available trained volunteers to advocate for the best interests of children and youth who come into the court system of the 21st and 2nd Judicial Districts.


Court Appointed Special Advocates.

The Role of a CASA

Court-Appointed Special Advocates are volunteers from many different backgrounds who give their time to advocate for abused and neglected children in the court system. Our program is based on the principle that each child deserves a safe, permanent, nurturing home where they can thrive.  Our volunteers are the difference between abuse and hope.


To become a certified CASA you must complete 30 hours of pre-service training.  We offer training three times a year and have adjusted our training to accommodate COVID-19 safety protocols, and it is now all virtual training.  Pre-service training is held for eight weeks, with a three-hour class every week.  You must attend all eight weeks.  There is also a volunteer application you must complete, as well as background checks, reference checks, and an interview with CASA staff.  Throughout the training, we will cover the topics of child welfare, poverty, domestic violence, trauma, substance abuse, the court system, and a variety of other topics that you will encounter in your role as a CASA.  Our goal with training is to properly prepare you to begin this new role as a CASA.  

Spring 2021 CASA Training begins May 3, 2021.  Sign-up below.


CASA volunteers are required to complete 12 hours of continuing education training each year after the year they are certified.


Sunflower CASA Project offers monthly in-service opportunities to help volunteers complete their hours. In-service opportunities include guest speakers, CASA book club.


In-service opportunities

In addition to attending an event hosted by Sunflower CASA Project, volunteers can independently complete in-service hours. Here is a list of independent in-service opportunities:

  • Check out a book from the CASA Office or from the National CASA Association’s recommended reading list, read it, and write a reflection (6 hours)

  • Listen to a National CASA podcast and write a reflection (length of podcast plus one hour for writing reflection)

  • Watch a movie or TV show about a topic relevant to your work as a CASA and write a reflection (length of the movie or TV show plus one hour for writing reflection)

  • Turn in your syllabus from a college class that covers topics relevant to your work as a CASA (6 hours)

  • Submit your agenda from a workshop or training that covers topics relevant to your work as a CASA (length or workshop or training)


  • 42 CASA Volunteers and three staff advocated for 126 children


  • CASA volunteers contributed 1,064 hours of service - equivalent to $22,503, and drove 3,685 miles


  • Our three Advocate Supervisors provided 819 hours of advocacy



Since COVID-19 began, we still were able to keep almost all of our CASA volunteers active.



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